Our Vision

Caring Inclusive Neighbourhoods and Communities


Our Mission

Creating meaningful social connections for culturally diverse communities through arts, culture and sports.  


Our Core Values


Compassion, Ethical Behaviour, Respect to people and planet, Celebrating the joy of the human spirit.

Integrative Multiculturalism

Neighbours sharing cultures to build caring, stronger and welcoming neighbourhoods. Inspiring residents to live, work, play and spend close to home.

Caring & Compassion

A quality of life that enjoys the present, and plans for a future in which no one is socially isolated.

Community of service

Promoting volunteerism.


Connecting Communities ... Connecting People

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Founded in 2011 as Ranji Singh Foundation, we rebranded as Culture Bridge Initiatives in 2017 

Culture Bridge Initiatives contributes toward the development of a robust social infrastructure which includes the culturally diverse communities. Our focus is the well-being of folks residing in northern York Region/South Simcoe area. We seek to foster community awareness among residents to celebrate, live, work, play and spend close to home.

Culture Bridge Initiatives recognizes the need for people centric support systems necessary to weave the social infrastructure for people and families in the area.

We recognize the dispersion, of the rapidly growing culturally diverse communities, across the urban sprawl of northern York Region/South Simcoe area. Notable is the absence of local meeting opportunities where people of similar interests may forge social connections. An observation is that many new residents frequently commute out of area for social connections.

The Regional Municipality of York in 2008 projected that, by the year 2031, the seniors’ population will double and the immigrant population will increase from 45% to 55%. Preliminary release of 2016 census data suggests these figures may be understated.  As residents age, and as health and mobility decline, social connections out of area will naturally weaken thereby rendering the elderly isolated. Isolation leads to depression … and more. The absence of meeting opportunities, if not addressed, will result in a population of psychologically and physically isolated seniors. Culture Bridge Initiatives strives to stimulate local solutions for engagement among residents.

From 2010 to 2018, Culture Bridge Initiatives was noted for its annual production of the Culture Bridge Festival (formerly Caribbean & South Asian showcase), a celebration of cultural diversity.